Human Development

Investigate the development of humans from conception through old age.
Engage in cutting-edge research with leading scholars in their fields.
Prepare for
careers in medicine, law, business, child and family advocacy, social work & education.
Earn  B.S., M.A., Ph.D., JD/Ph.D.

Play video: Improving Lives: The Mission of the College of Human Ecology

Improving Lives: The Mission of the College of Human Ecology

Dean Alan Mathios and members of the Human Ecology community talk about the mission of the college and its evolution from home economics roots. Learn how Human Ecology's multidisciplinary approach is driving innovative research, teaching, and outreach efforts into the future.

Robert Sternberg and Valerie Reyna have been appointed as Editors of two Association for Psychological Science journals


Robert Sternberg and Valerie Reyna

The Association for Psychological Science has announced that two Human Development faculty, Valerie Reyna and Robert Sternberg, have been appointed as Editors of two of its journals, Perspectives in Psychological Science (Professor Sternberg) and Psychological Science in the Public Interest (Professor Reyna).  This is the first time in APS's history that more than one of its journals has been edited by faculty in a single department, or even in a single university.  Currently, one-third of HD's faculty serve as Editor or Associate Editor of a major scientific journal.