Fiber Science & Apparel Design

FSAD Student Organizations

  • Fiber Science & Apparel Design, (FSAD) features three unique student organizations that serve as resources for FSAD students:

  • The Cornell Fashion Collective was formed to give Cornell students with apparel interests a chance to express their creativity outside of the classroom by producing a fashion show every spring.

  • CFI: Careers in the Fashion Industry is a student run organization at Cornell University. Our group works to bring members of the fashion industry to Cornell to discuss their career paths and industry experiences. Students are able to connect with these speakers to gain insight about entering the apparel world. The Faculty Advisor is Tasha Lewis.

  • The FSAD Journal Club was formed by graduate students to give them an opportunity to read and discuss new research papers important to the field of textiles and apparel.  The Journal Club also sponsors educational and social events throughout the year, including Fiber Day.  For more information, please email Vaibhavi Vaidya or Namrata Patil.

Additionally, students in FSAD are active members of many other Cornell extra curricular activities such as athletics, political groups, theater and the arts, and social organizations. Many FSAD students study abroad for one or two semesters in places such as London, Paris, Florence, Milan, Japan, and Hong Kong as well as the Urban Semester in New York City. Further, students often work during the summer or the winter break in small and large fashion-related firms in cities such as New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.