Fiber Science & Apparel Design

CIFFI Corporate Collaborations

CIFFI Projects at Cornell

* Fabric sustainability assessment: Assistant Professor Tasha Lewis, Professor Jintu Fan, Research Associate Sam Xeng, and undergraduate student Vanessa Sanchez. 

*Body scan analysis to provide body dimensions for better sizing: Assistant Professor Huiju Park and graduate student Jie Pei.

*Redesign of hardware and software of a sweating guarded hotplate to improve measurement accuracy and reproducibility for evaluation of heat and mass transfer through multi-layered clothing systems:  Professor Jintu Fan and members of his research group.

* Exploration of use of metal-organic frameworks as new avenues for the development of textile finishes with unique functions:  Associate Professor Juan Hinestroza and graduate student Diego Alzate Sanchez.

* Exploration of the use of nanoparticles to create hydrophobic and oleophobic surfaces on textile surfaces: Associate Professor Juan Hinestroza.