Fiber Science & Apparel Design

CIFFI Advisory Board

Tom-NastosChairman, Tom Nastos, President, ENK International





                                       Mike Abbott, Director of Research and Development, Hanes Brands, Inc.


Mort Bishop IIIMort Bishop III, President, Pendleton Woolen Mills




Jose ChanJosé P. Chan, Founder, The New York Fashion & Retail Association




Lourival FlorLourival Santos Flor, Chairman and Chief Technical Officer, Golden Tecnologia




Urban GelwaldUrban Geiwald, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Five Elements Performance (a WINDS Group Company)



 Lincoln LauLincoln Lau, Director, L Industries Limited and EPRO Development Limited




Dr. Harry LeeHarry Lee, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, TAL Apparel Limited



Alan MathiosAlan Mathios, Dean, College of Human Ecology, Cornell University



 Mimi SiaMay W. Sia, President, ACE Style Business Services LLC




Rongming ZhangRongming Zhang, President, Beijing Aimer Company Limited