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Previous Fellowship Recipients

Thanks Doctor ad 2016 Jonathan E. Robins
"As Good as Butter: Home Economics and the New Fats, 1890-1990"
Myjak-Pycia-CornellU-Presentation.jpg 2015 Anna Myjak-Pycia
"Another Modernism: Home Economics and the Conception of Domestic Space in the United States, 1900-1960"
2014 2014 Barbara Penner
"Ergonomics in the Postwar Home: Collaborations between Cornell's College of Home Economics and the Center for Housing and Environmental Studies"
2013 2013 Allison Horrocks
"To Encircle the World: Flemmie Kittrell and the International Politics of Home Economics"
2012 2012 Anna Schatz "Fixing Family Problems Around the World: Home Economics at the Cornell School for Missionaries"
2011 2011 Amrys Williams "Cultivating the Country's Best Crop: Developing Youth Through 4-H in the Early 20th Century"
2010 2010 Rachel Moran "Weighing: Physique as Pedagogy and Propaganda, 1920-1950"
2009 2009 Anna Flaming "The Homemaker and the Home Economist: Definitions and Identities in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century"
2008 2008 Gwen Kay "Taking the Home out of Economics: From Home Economics to Human Ecology"
2007 2007 Karen Dunn-Haley "The College of Wheels and Post-World War II Extreme Home Makeovers"
2006 2006 Mary Anne Beecher "To Make Space Most Useful: The Impact of Home Economics Education and Outreach on Domestic Storage Improvements (1900-1950)"
2004 2004 Gabriella Petrick "Putting Home Economics to Work: Using Home Economics Research to Tell the Story of the American Diet"
2003 2003 Charlotte Biltekoff "The Problem of Changing Food Habits: National Well Being, Nutritional Health, and Food Reform, 1937-1946"
2002 2002 Jan Scholl "Click, Flash, and Flicker: Educational Technology Used by Home Economists in the Twentieth Century"
2001 2001 Megan Elias "Stir it Up: The Home Economics Movement in Higher Education, 1900-1950"
2000 2000 Kathy Cooke "Non-Sense and Anti-Sentimentality: Home Economics, Euthenics, and the 'Threat' to Race Betterment Efforts in America"
1998 1998 Amy Bentley "Behind the Gerber Baby: A Cultural History of Solid Infant Food and Feeding Practices"
1997 1997 Bruce Pietrykowski "Home Economics and Homo Economicus: The Creation and Diffusion of Diverse Sources of Economic Knowledge in the 20th Century"
1996 1996 Karen Stupski "The Role of the Laboratory in the Home Economics Movement, 1900-1930"
1995 Veit 1995 Helen Veit "Food and the First World War: American Food Aid and Home Economics"
1995 hutchinson 1995 Janet Hutchinson "Home Economists and Better Homes during the Interwar Period"
1994 1994 Carolyn Goldstein "Mediating Consumption: Home Economics and American Consumers, 1900-1940"
1993 1993 Mary Summers "Rethinking Interest Group Politics: The Making of the United States Department of Agriculture"
1993 Berlage 1993 Nancy Berlage "Professions and Agricultural Change: Home Economists and Home Demonstration Work in Rural New York, 1910-1930"
1992 Grant 1992 Julia Grant "Modernizing Motherhood: Child Study Clubs and the Parent Education Movement, 1915-1940"
1992 Babbitt 1992 Kathleen Babbitt "Social Reform in the Countryside: Rural Women and Cooperative Extension Home Economists in New York State, 1870-1940"

Undergraduate Award

2009 UA Tamar 2009 Tamar Weinstock '09
"Let Us Hang Up the Dishpan and the Broom: The Pursuit of Culture in the Farmers Wives' Reading Course and the Cornell Study Clubs"
2006 UA earle 2006 Corey Early '07
"Blanche Hazard: An Overlooked Pioneer"

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