Field of Nutrition Seminars

Mondays at 4:00 PM - 100 Savage Hall
(unless otherwise noted)

31-Aug-2015 Youfa Wang, MD, SUNY Buffalo "Systematic & interdisciplinary research on the etiology and prevention of the global childhood obesity epidemic"
14-Sep-2015 David Levitsky, Cornell University "The Weigh to Control your Weight: The only way!"
21-Sep-2015 Dr. Robert Cousins, University of Florida "Zinc Transporters-Regulation and Functions"
28-Sep-2015 Betty Caan, PhD, Kaiser Permanente "The Obesity Paradox in Cancer How Important is Muscle?"
5-Oct-2015 Saurabh Mehta, M.B.B.S., M.S., ScD., Cornell University “Nutrition and Infection Old Enemies, New Technologies”
12-Oct-2015 Fall Break - No Seminar
19-Oct-2015 Sergiy Libert, Cornell University "Longevity assuring gene SIRT1 controls anxiety, mood, and susceptibility to eating disorders"
2-Nov-2015 Liz O'Sullivan, Cornell University "Distinguishing between feeding human milk at the breast and from a bottle."
9-Nov-2015 Dr. Lyn Steffen, University of Minnesota "Sugar Wars"
16-Nov-2015 Dr. Larry Brody, NIH "TBD"