Field of Nutrition Seminars

Mondays at 4:00 PM, 100 Savage Hall
(unless otherwise noted)
No registration required to attend this event

August 28, 2017 Hening Lin, PhD
Professor, Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Cornell University
"Sirtuins and novel PTMs in cell signaling and cancer"
September 4, 2017 NO SEMINAR Labor Day
September 11, 2017 Marla Lujan
Assistant Professor
Division of Nutritional Sciences
Cornell University
"Relevance of ovarian morphology in the clinical evaluation of PCOS"
September 18, 2017 Frank C. Schroeder
Associate Professor, Boyce Thompson Institute and Dept. of Chemistry and Chemical Biology (Adj.), Cornell University
"Uncovering the "Dark Matter" of the Chemistry of Life: from C. elegans to Mammalian Immunity"
September 25, 2017 Sharon Donovan, PhD, RD
Professor and Melissa M. Noel Endowed Chair in Nutrition and Health
Division of Nutritional Sciences
University of Illinois
"Applying systems biology to host-microbe interactions in early life"
October 2, 2017 Robin Dando, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Food Science
Cornell University
"Obesity and the taste system"
October 16, 2017 Doug Wallace, Director, Center for Mitochondrial and Epigenomic Medicine, Michael and Charles Barnett Chair of Pediatric Mitochondrial Medicine and Metabolic Disease, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia "TBD"
October 23, 2017 Zhenglong Gu
Associate Professor, Division of Nutritional Sciences, Cornell University
"Mitochondrial Function, Evolution and Diseases"
October 30, 2017 Sylvia Christakos
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
"Multiple Actions of Vitamin D"
November 6, 2017 Janet King, PhD, Senior Scientist Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute and Professor Emeritus University of California at Berkeley and Davis: Pritchard Seminar in Nutrition guest lecturer "Integrating Zinc Biology into Effective Zinc Interventions"
November 13, 2017 Mark Roberson, PhD
Professor of Physiology
Chair, Department of Biomedical Sciences
Cornell University
November 20, 2017 Anne M Molloy, Ph.D., M.A., P.G. Dip. Statistics
Associate Professor, (School of Medicine)
Trinity College, Dublin
November 27, 2017 Siu Sylvia Lee
Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics
Cornell University
March 5, 2018 Patrick Seale, PhD
Associate Professor of Cell & Developmental Biology
Institute for Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism
Perelman School of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania
April 16, 2018 Andrew Gewirtz, PhD
Center for Inflammation, Immunity & Infection
Georgia State University
May 7, 2018 Yves Boisclair, PhD
Department of Animal Science