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fast foodFast-food restaurants pledged to offer healthier options for kids. How have they done? Rebecca Seguin, Associate Professor, comments

DNSCornell’s Division of Nutritional Sciences hosted the 4th annual WHO/Cochrane/Cornell University Summer Institute for Systematic Reviews in Nutrition for Global Policy Making July 24 to Aug 4, 2017.

Cornell Chronicle iconInstitute focuses on global nutrition policy impact

nutritionPrabhu Pingali: "Absence of hunger does not mean better nutrition"

prizesCongratulations to Jamie Dollahite and Carol Devine who were recognized as Platinum and Silver Authors in the Journal of Nutrition Education & Behavior (JNEB) at the recent Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior 50th Annual Conference (SNEB) meeting in Washington DC, July 20-24, 2017.

multi-vitaminShould you take a multi-vitamin daily? David Levitsky comments.

mcclainCongratulations to Amanda McClain, Jamie Dollahite’s former doctoral student, who received an ISBNPA (International Society of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity) Early Career Researcher Award for her poster entitled “Cultural and Life Course Influences on Food Provisioning among Low-income, Mexican-Origin Mothers with Young Children in the U.S.” Her poster represents a part of her dissertation work at Cornell. Amanda is now doing a post-doc at Harvard.

mealsShould you eat three big meals or many mini-meals? David Levitsky comments

snacksBeth McKinney: a very long ingredient list is a “red flag” when it comes to healthy snacks

food blogHannah Cai ’19 nutritional sciences student launches multidisciplinary food blog

rebeccaRebecca Stoltzfus, vice provost for undergraduate education and professor of nutritional studies, has been announced as the candidate of choice to become the 18th president of Goshen College, her undergraduate alma mater.

precisionRainer Gross Award Lecture 2016. A Laboratory in Your Pocket: Enabling Precision Nutrition

biomarkerResearchers ID biomarker for weight gain, fat-mass growth. Read more here.

cannibalismCannibalism for early humans more cultural than nutritional. David Levitsky comments here.

standards“He is not changing the standards per se, but he is allowing schools to not follow them,” comments David Pelletier. Read more here.

rasmussenCongratulations to Kathy Rasmussen on being awarded the Conrad A. Elvehjem Award for Public Service in Nutrition. Read more here.

stress eatingStress, Eating, and Stress-Eating by Mikayla Kuykendall '18 (Nutritional Sciences major and advisee of Julia Felice and Bob Parker)

Cornell Chronicle iconCURB enthusiasm: Undergrads show off research at forum

current opinion on biologyCurrent Opinion in Biotechnology Volume 44, Pages 1-212 (April 2017) Food biotechnology • Plant biotechnology Edited by Patrick Stover, Saurabh Mehta, Dominique Van Der Straeten, Hans de Steur and Teresa B Fitzpatrick

iron deficiencySystematic Review of efficacy of iron biofortified crops with Jere Haas, Julia Finkelstein and Saurabh Mehta.