Cornell Zambia Summer Program 2012

Visiting Faculty and Scholars

 As a part of our collaboration with the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University-College in Moshi, Tanzania, the Global Health Program hosts up to two international scholars from KCMU-C every spring. During their time on campus, visiting KCMU-C scholars attend classes and explore their academic interests, while also interacting with students in the Global Health Program both in and out of the classroom. Below are some of the scholars we have hosted. 

Leonard Mrosso

Leonard Mrosso was an intern doctor at KCMU-C who visited Cornell in April 2014. In 2012, he participated in the collaborative course at KCMU-C during which he wrote a case study with Cornell students on the social development of street children in Moshi.

"It was my first time traveling to the US. My stay at Cornell and Ithaca was incredible. We attended some classes with students who were to go to Tanzania that summer, attended seminars, conferences, and lectures at different occasions. We explored Cornell University and the faculties, meeting new friends and accessed learning materials from the libraries with good supervision and support from experts of Cornell." 

 "During the last two weeks, we had the opportunity to visit both a family doctor and the Cayuga Medical Center to learn about the health system in USA and the referral system. We explored the facilities available, common diseases, and challenges faced by health personnel in the US." 

Francis Ngimwichi

Francis Ngimwichi

Francis Ngimwichi was an intern doctor at KCMU-C who visited Cornell in April 2013.  He participated in the collaborative course with Cornell students in Summer 2012.

"The best of [Cornell] isn’t just the magnificent buildings or landscapes, but also the diverse population of students and faculty from different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, which work together to seek out and share knowledge. 

The learning environment was exciting, interactive, and constantly challenging, and featured innovative and research filled seminars that were memorable. The Cornell Global Health Program marks a true representation of the Cornell spirit of learning which was built atop academic pillars but enriches students’ lives through learning experiences beyond the lecture halls. Students and faculty are able to travel throughout the globe to collaborate and learn more than what books can offer to generate lifetime experiences and practical solutions. I will always remember Cornell as a place where any person could find instruction in any study, just as Ezra Cornell desired."

MrossoMrossoFrancis Ngimwichi

 Anzibert Rugakingira


Anzibert Rugakingira was an intern doctor at KCMU-C who visited Cornell in April 2015. He participated in the collaborative course at KCMU-C during Summer 2013, and completed a case study with Cornell students about the effects of patient waiting time on healthcare delivery. 

“My stay at Cornell was an exciting life experience thanks to my hosts, Professor Rebecca Stoltzfus, Jeanne Moseley, and Grace Seo. The moments I shared, the knowledge & skills I gained, and the people I met were remarkable and enriched my experiences on campus.

I had the opportunity to explore Cornell and its surroundings from the top of the clocktower to the beautiful shores of Lake Cayuga. I participated in global health courses, seminars, conferences, and was able to learn and work with the students of the Global Health Program. During my stay, I met people who inspired me, including Professor Muna Ndulo, Professor David Pelletier. I also had the opportunity to visit Weill-Cornell Medical College in New York City and experienced medical practice at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

I was privileged and honored to participate in the Sesquicentennial Celebrations on campus during Charter Day weekend, and I hope to continue to collaborate with Cornell University and return again in the future.”