Alma Sana - Cusco, Peru 2013

Global Health Minor Requirements

How do I enroll in the Global Health Minor and complete the requirements?

In order to complete the minor, students must enroll in two Core Courses and three Elective Courses for a total of fifteen credits.  Additionally, the student must complete an eight-week Field Experience.  These requirements must be completed as follows:

Step 1: Join the Global Health mailing list in order to receive important information about field experience opportunities and deadlines.  Email Adrienne with your NetID if you wish to be added.

Step 2: Take the first Core Course, NS 2600: Introduction to Global Health, to gain a basic understanding of global health to prepare you for additional coursework and the field experience.  This course MUST be completed before you embark on your field experience.

Step 3: Take three Elective Courses, which must be distributed across three of the five Elective Course categories.  While it is recommended that you complete this coursework prior to embarking on your field experience, it is not required.

Step 4: Meet with the Global Health Program Staff to discuss your proposed Field Experience.

Step 5: If completing an Independent Field Experience, attend a Health & Safety Seminar and an Ethics, Culture & Diversity Seminar in the spring and submit your Field Experience proposal (minimum of four weeks prior to departure).

Step 6: Submit a final report detailing your field experience and attend a mandatory post-field experience meeting in the fall.  Congratulations, you are officially enrolled in the Minor!

Step 7: Complete the second Core Course, NS 4600: Explorations in Global Health.