Interview with Robert Nyumah '14

The Division of Nutritional Sciences offers a minor in global health. The Global Health minor is intended to complement any academic major offered at the University and to provide students with basic knowledge about global health as well as the necessary skills and experience to begin to build their own unique global health career. The minor is open to all undergraduate students in all colleges.


The Global Health Minor is designed around three specific educational objectives for students: to learn more about the problems of global health in a classroom setting; to experience the issues in global health firsthand in a field setting; and to be exposed to the variety of careers available in global health by working with graduate and medical students and faculty who are currently engaged in the field.


Upon completion of the Global Health Minor, students are able to:

Analyze global health problems, issues and controversies using multiple disciplinary perspectives and conceptual frameworks,


Integrate knowledge from academic study and experiential learning toward being active and informed citizens in a global community,


Demonstrate the capacity to critically reflect on one's own values, ethics, assumptions and actions in the context of cultures, collaborations and institutions,


Demonstrate the capacity to collaborate across differences (e.g. cultural, social, personal, economic, values, religious).