Unite for Sight - Odisha, India 2013

Global Health Field Experience

 A critical element of the Global Health Minor is an approved eight-week field experience in which students live and work abroad in a resource-poor setting.  The purpose of the field experience requirements is to challenge students to apply their classroom learning to a field setting and to deepen their understanding of the health problems that disproportionately affect the resource-poor.  The experience may be:

- A full-time academic study abroad program
- A summer internship
- A volunteer service project
- A work experience

Students may not travel to any country on the U.S. State Department Travel Warning List, with the exception of Cornell-approved Study Abroad programs and Cornell ITART-approved summer internships and volunteer programs.

International Travel Advisory and Response Team (ITART)

ITART Pre-Approval Form

Please remember that the financial aspects of completing the field experience requirement should not deter any student from pursuing the Global Health Minor.  If you are worried about your ability to finance a field experience, please contact the Program Coordinator.

BEFORE embarking on the field experience, students must:
- Complete NS2600, Introduction to Global Health.
- Discuss their field experience ideas with the Global Health Program Coordinator.
- Submit a formal field experience proposal and other related health and safety documents at least four weeks prior to departure.
- Attend a Health & Safety Seminar in the early spring to hear from fellow classmates about their experiences and learn about important health and safety issues.

NOTE: All students completing the Field Experience requirement for the Global Health Minor through Independently Organized programs must complete the following forms at least 4 weeks prior to departure through Cornell Abroad.  Please click here for additional information.

AFTER completing the field experience, students must:
- Submit a final report detailing the field experience.
- Attend a mandatory post-field experience meeting in the Fall.

Resource Guide - find a field experience and learn about Cornell-based funding opportunities

Funding Sources for Field Experience

Checklist for Students Traveling Abroad - review carefully prior to departure

Final Report - submit after completing field experience