Global Health Minor Elective Courses

Three Elective Courses must be completed for the Global Health Minor. Students must complete Electives from three of the five following categories:

Category I. Biomedical & Epidemiological Approaches to Global Health
Category II. Social & Ethical Approaches to Global Health
Category III. Political, Economic & Food Systems Approaches to Global Health
Category IV. Health Systems & Programmatic Approaches to Global Health
Category V. Area-Specific Studies (Petition-Only)

See the courses in each category in the List of Elective Courses.

If you learn about other upper level courses that would be appropriate for our list of elective courses, please contact the Global Health Fellow or Program Assistant for an Elective Petition Form.

This petition can be used for Category 5 electives or any other course that you find that you think should count for your minor coursework. Petitions must be approved by Global Health Program staff to count for the minor.

Note: All courses used to fulfill the minor requirements must be taken for a letter grade.