Service Projects

As part of their service-learning experience in Tanzania, students are placed in a service project with a local NGO, government agency, or hospital that is tailored to their personal interests in global health.  The goal of these service projects is to help students gain firsthand experience in dealing with pressing global health issues from a variety of perspectives.  All of the service projects are located either in Moshi or a neighboring rural village.  Each student may work individually or with other Cornell students at their service project site.  Some of the opportunities have a strong healthcare component, while others are more focused on community development.  Examples of past service projects include shadowing doctors in a rural hospital setting, teaching and working with students in a home for street children, working at a center for children with disabilities, working with the Network Against Female Genital Mutilation, and teaching at a school in a rural village.  To hear more about past student experiences, check out Student Stories.