Course at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College

NS 4630: Global Health, Development, and Policy Issues in Tanzania (4 credits))

GHMimage_Tanzania_CourseStudents enroll in a four-week course at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College (KCMU-Co), one of the three medical schools in Tanzania.  The course is designed to inform students about important global health issues in the country, and to give them the opportunity to work with Tanzanian medical students to develop, negotiate and present ideas on policy issues that are currently affecting the local community. Each policy group consists of two Cornell students and about two Tanzanian medical students.  Collectively, the group chooses a topic of interest, collects data on its prevalence and impact, and conducts stakeholder interviews.  Ultimately, each group is responsible for formulating a policy case study that outlines sustainable policy options for their topic.  The cross-cultural teamwork involved in this process provides an excellent opportunity for students to expand their perspectives on global health issues and to develop friendships with Tanzanian medical students.