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A critical element of the Global Health Minor is an approved, eight-week experiential learning opportunity (ELO)during which studentslive and work abroad in a resource-poor setting. Students are challenged to apply their classroom learning to a field setting and deepen their understanding of the health problems that disproportionately affect the resource-poor. 
Students in the Global Health Minor have the option of participating in a Cornell Global Health Summer Program (Dominican Republic, India, Tanzania, Weill-Bugando, or Zambia), or in an independently-arranged experiential learning opportunity.

Prior to an ELO, students must:
  • Complete NS 2600: Introduction to Global Health.
  • Apply to a Global Health Summer Program or Pre-approved Independent ELO, or submit an Independent ELO Petition form.
  • Enroll in NS 4620/ILR4260 if completing a Cornell GH Summer Program or attend one Health & Safety Seminar and one Ethics, Culture, & Diversity Seminar if completing an Independent ELO. 
After completing an ELO, students must:
  • Complete a final report detailing the experience.
  • Submit a student story and photos for the GH website.
  • Attend a mandatory post-field experience meeting. 
  • Complete NS 4600.


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