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Global Health Minor ELOs

 A critical element of the Global Health Minor is an approved, eight-week field experience in which students live and work abroad in a resource-poor setting.  The purpose of the field experience requirement is to challenge students to apply their classroom learning to a field setting and to deepen their understanding of the health problems that disproportionately affect the resource-poor. 

Students have the option of either participating in a Cornell Global Health Summer Program (Tanzania, India, Zambia, Dominican Republic, or Weill-Bugando) or in an independent field experience. Students interested in completing an independent field experience can either participate in one of four pre-approved programs or can submit a petition to have a field experience approved. 

An independent field experience may be: 
- A full-time academic study abroad program 
- A summer internship 
- A volunteer service project 
- A work experience 
- A research project

BEFORE embarking on the field experience, students must: 

- Complete NS2600 
- Apply to a Cornell GH Summer Program/Pre-approved Independent Field Experience OR submit an independent Field Experience petition form. 
- Enroll in NS4620/ILR4260 if completing a Cornell GH Summer Program OR attend one Health & Safety Seminar and one Ethics, Culture & Diversity Seminar if completing an Independent Field Experience.  

AFTER  completing the field experience, students must: 
- Complete a final report detailing the experience. 
- Submit a student story for the GH website. 
- Attend a mandatory post-field experience meeting.
- Complete NS 4600

Please remember that the financial aspects of completing the field experience requirement should not deter any student from pursuing the Global Health Minor.  If you are worried about your ability to finance a field experience, please contact the Associate Director or Global Health Fellow.