Global Health

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Nutritional Sciences Global Health Program

The Global Health Program is directed by Dr. Stoltzfus and supported by a Global Health Advisory Board composed of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students from across colleges and departments.  On the Ithaca campus, a Global Health Program Office offers a place where students can meet with the Associate Director, Jeanne Moseley, who can answer advising and career questions and make appropriate referrals to other faculty. Jeanne is student-focused and brings personal experience to the program from her work with HIV issues in Africa and New York City.  Cornell has an exceptionally broad academic platform for addressing global health problems. The members of the Global Health Advisory Board represent diverse disciplines related to global health, including infectious disease, entomology, veterinary medicine, ethics and social justice, philosophy, medical anthropology, nutrition and agriculture/forestry. The unique perspective each Advisory Board member brings to the table creates lively debate and conversation, and serves to create the truly multidisciplinary Global Health Program at Cornell.