Epidemiology at Cornell, Courses

Epidemiology Minor Curriculum: Overview

Epidemiology is an academic discipline that requires training in the specific principles of the design and analysis of epidemiologic studies, statistical methods appropriate for such studies, and an area of substantive specialization (such as genetics/genomics, animal science, demography, environmental sciences, nutrition, toxicology, or veterinary medicine).

In accordance with the general guidelines for graduate education at Cornell University, the Field of Epidemiology has no specific course requirements beyond the residence units required by the Graduate School. There is one concentration available in Epidemiology, namely 'human and animal epidemiology'. However, all students will be expected to be familiar with the subject matter covered in three areas:

  1. Basic Statistical Methods, as covered in:

  • Biometry (BTRY) 6010, Statistical Methods I

  • BTRY 6020, Statistical Methods II

  1. Epidemiology Methods to the intermediate level, as covered in the following 2 course sequences:

  • Nutritional Sciences (NS) 6520 Epidemiology Foundations and NS6580 Advanced Epidemiology: Theory and Practice

  • Veterinary Medicine: Population Med & Diagnostic Svc (VTPMD) 6640 and VETPMD 6650: Introduction to Epidemiology, and Epidemiologic Study Design and Advanced Methods of Epidemiologic Research.

  1. A further quantitative methods course, appropriate to student interest:

  • BTRY 6030 (Statistical Methods III)

  • VTPMD 6660 (Advanced Methods in Epidemiology)

  • a course appropriate to your interests and with permission of your Epidemiology minor advisor in consultation with the DGS.

These courses will provide a broad overview of epidemiology and the knowledge essential for the design and analysis of epidemiologic research.  Additional courses related to the student’s area of intended specialization may also be necessary. In particular, students should be aware that there may be additional course requirements if a statistician represents the Minor Field of Epidemiology on the student’s committee.  In this case, there usually will be the presumption of a highly statistical thesis, and the student usually will be expected to take BTRY 4080 & BTRY 4090 in addition to the courses listed above.

Curriculum: Specifics for AY 14/15  

BTRY 6010- Statistical Methods I 

BTRY 6020 - Statistical Methods II 

BTRY 6030 - Statistical Methods III: Categorical Data 

NS 6520 - The Foundations of Epidemiology 

NS 6580 - Advanced Epidemiology: Theory and Practice 

VTPMD 6650 - Study Designs (Graduate) 

VTPMD 6660 - Advanced Methods