Advisory Board

The Division of Nutritional Sciences Advisory Board

The DNS Advisory Board provides advice to the Division of Nutritional Sciences faculty and its Director on areas of opportunity that the Division could or should pursue in order to serve better it students, stakeholders, the people of New York State, the Nation and the global academic and public health community.


Board Members:

  • Michael McBurney, PhD
  • Mandana Arabi, MD, PhD
  • Elaine Ayres, MS, RD
  • Vinita Bali
  • Patsy Brannon, PhD, RD
  • Richard Black, PhD
  • Gary Fanjiang, MD, MBA, MS
  • Zhenglong Gu, PhD
  • DeAnn Liska, PhD
  • Linda Meyers, PhD
  • Meera Shekar, PhD
  • Gerard van Grinsven Sr.
  • Dr. Bernhard van Lengerich
  • Joe Vinciquerra, MS, MBA
  • Chunling Wang, MD, PhD


"The opinions and positions of the board members do not necessarily represent the official views or positions of Cornell University and the Division of Nutritional Sciences."