DNS global health student in Africa

Undergraduate Studies

The Division of Nutritional Sciences (DNS) provides three majors to undergraduate students:

1. Nutritional Sciences (NS): A problem-solving field that draws upon biology, chemistry, and the social sciences to answer questions such as... ( read more about NS major)

2. Human Biology, Health and Society (HBHS): A multidisciplinary perspective on human health issues. Students are required to develop a strong background in human biology so that they can understand the physiological and biochemical aspects of health issues... ( read more about HBHS major)

3. Global & Public Health Sciences (GPHS): Public health is the prevention of illness and promotion of wellness in communities, both large and small... ( read more about GPHS major)

Coursework in biology, chemistry, the humanities, social sciences, and nutritional sciences provides a solid foundation whether a student's long-term interest is medicine or a related health career, fitness and sports nutrition, dietetics, clinical nutrition, nutritional education, biochemistry, world food supply or nutrition and food in business.

DNS majors learn to critically interpret research from the laboratory and the field and apply it to societal issues, government policies, and people's everyday lives.