Nutritional Sciences Graduate Program: Financial Aid

Financial aid for students in the Ph.D. program is available on a competitive basis in form of fellowships, assistantships, and traineeships sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (in human nutrition) and the National Institutes of Health (in human nutrition and in maternal and child nutrition).

Financial aid for foreign students is very limited and is available only to the most highly qualified Ph.D. candidates. Thus, foreign applicants for graduate study in the Field of Nutrition should seek funding from their own governments, international agencies, private foundations or other sources. 

Students applying to our PhD program are eligible to compete for a prestigious Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) that has the theme of Food Systems and Poverty Reduction. This IGERT, managed by Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture and Development, provides 2 years of generous financial support to successful candidates and offers supplementary training for students in the first 1-2 years of their doctoral program. By undertaking supplementary coursework and participating in a unique 6 month field research experience in Africa, selected students learn to work as members of interdisciplinary teams and to integrate concepts and methods from across food system-related disciplines in both the natural and social sciences. This highly competitive, National Science Foundation program can only provide financial support to US citizens or permanent residents. For more information, please visit the program website at .

Applicants should contact the Director of Graduate Studies for assistance in locating external financial support.