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BS Human Factors and Ergonomics

The Human Factors and Ergonomics (HFE) option combines knowledge and methods from the fields of human factors, ergonomics, and environmental psychology.

HFE combines a focus on the interior environment with fundamental issues like air quality and lighting and temperature, as well as key elements in the office like chairs and computer keyboards. This option draws on the fields of human behavior, health, and performance. It prepares students to work with designers and product manufacturers to improve the usability of products.

Students learn how to conduct ergonomic analyses and to apply the findings to improve design. After graduation, they go on to work in design, manufacturing and consulting firms in a variety of industries, doing programming or needs assessment, and usability studies and developing ergonomic methods and data bases that help shape how products are developed.


College Spotlight magazine interviewed DEA Professor Alan Hedge on the HFE program. The article has been provided courtesy of College & Career Press.  All rights reserved.