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Resources for Alumni

Career Assistance and Services for Alumni

  • Professional counselors provide career assistance; job-search advice; and critiques of resumes and cover letters. In some cases, alumni may wish to return to school and pursue careers in medicine, law, or other graduate studies. Our counselors can help you prepare for these transitions. To schedule an appointment, call (607) 255-2532.
  • Cornell Careers Services also provides many valuable resources to alumni from all colleges. Alumni may request career assistance, network with fellow alumni, provide career-related opportunities to current students, or hire experienced Cornellians.

Ways for Alumni to Get Involved

  • Become a mentor through CAMPs, a Human Ecology program that provides opportunities for students, recent grads and alumni to form mentoring connections. Through informational interviews or longer term mentoring, alumni can enhance the quality of undergraduate career exploration and support recent graduates in their new careers.
  • Volunteer through Cornell Career Services for their shadowing programs, informational interviewing database, and more.
  • Participate in the annual career forum and workshop sponsored by the Association for Students of Color (ASC). For details, call (607) 255-2532.
  • Provide internships for Human Ecology students. Work with career counselors to develop internship descriptions and promote recruitment through faculty and academic departments. Call 255-2532.
  • Provide externships for current students to shadow alumni in their work place setting through Cornell's Job Shadowing Programs.
  • Hire or encourage your employer to hire Cornellians for summer or full-time positions through Cornell Career Services.