Legal Careers

Law schools do not require a core curriculum of courses. However, you are encouraged to take courses that increase skill in communication, writing, and analytical thinking. Human Ecology students interested in pursuing a legal education should schedule an appointment to meet with the pre-law advisor in the Student and Career Development Office, 172 MVR.

Tips for Pre-law Students

  • Connect early! Discuss your goals with your academic advisor, talk to peers and faculty, and find out about unique opportunities to build on your strengths and interests.
  • Schedule an appointment with the pre-law advisor to discuss the law school application process and the undergraduate pre-law experience in Human Ecology.
  • Broaden your knowledge by attending pre-law events and programs on campus.
  • Consider joining one of Cornell's pre-law student organizations which include:  Minority Undergraduate Law Society (MULS), Phi Alpha Delta (PAD) Pre-Law Fraternity.
  • Increase skills in reading and writing through academic and extracurricular activities.

Links to Pre-law Information