Graduate and Professional Schools

Thirty-five to forty percent of Human Ecology students continue their education in professional or graduate programs immediately upon graduation. Others choose to take time off before pursuing further degrees.

Applying to graduate school is similar to applying for an undergraduate degree at Cornell. In addition to the basic application however, some graduate schools require field experience, others require research, while still others evaluate candidates based solely on previous academic achievement.

Students are strongly encouraged to work with Human Ecology faculty advisors and career counselors, and to use the resources in the Career Exploration Center, 162 MVR. Because graduate school is very specialized, it is essential to evaluate thoroughly one’s interests and goals before applying.

Medical, Dental and Other Health Careers

Human Ecology offers a distinctive undergraduate education for students interested in human health and medicine. You can explore healthcare needs from perspectives in nutrition and human biology, human development, economic and public policy, and design and technology...

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Law Careers

Law schools do not require a core curriculum of courses. However, you are encouraged to take courses that increase skill in communication, writing, and analytical thinking...

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Business Careers

Understanding the role of business in a global society and the factors that influence consumer behavior and decision making are essential in today’s markets...

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Design Careers

Human Ecology students interested in design careers understand the impact that design has on how we interact with materials and everyday objects, and perform within spaces. Beyond problem-solving, our students use planning, resource management, changing technologies, and the strategic use of creativity to transform society...

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Graduate Study

Graduate study allows students to deepen existing knowledge and expand professional skills. Human Ecology students pursue a variety of professional and graduate school options...

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