Design Careers

Human Ecology students interested in design careers understand the impact that design has on how we interact with materials and everyday objects, and perform within spaces. Beyond problem-solving, our students use planning, resource management, changing technologies, and the strategic use of creativity to transform society.

Those students wishing to complete postgraduate work in design typically pursue a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree, which is generally the terminal degree in the field. Areas of study include the visual arts, theater, and filmmaking.

The Department of Design and Environmental Analysis (DEA) focuses on the creation, management and research innovation in the built environment. Students often pursue graduate work in architecture, business, real estate, engineering and strategic planning. The department also houses a rich resource center.

The Department of Fiber Science and Apparel Design (FSAD) is a design-centered program in fashion design, technical apparel, fashion design management, and fiber engineering and chemistry. Graduates find diverse work within the industry--design, sales, manufacturing and product development, buying /planning, writing/editing, upper-level management—and beyond.

Human Ecology’s Career Exploration Center has a rich collection of sample resumes and portfolios as well as an extensive collection of books related to the field. Check out the CEC library database and use the keyword “design” for your search.