Business Careers

Understanding the role of business in a global society and the factors that influence consumer behavior and decision making are essential in today’s markets. Along with traditional skills, Human Ecology students are taught to analyze problems, see possibilities, and develop solutions without losing sight of the human component. More than 50% of Human Ecology graduates find employment in the business sector.

Because the field of “business” is broad, one must be broadly prepared, tested and informed. While there is no structured curriculum or singularly relevant experiences for a career in business, being thoughtful about the choices you make and the experiences you create is important.

Understanding what role you would like to play and talents you have to contribute should focus your efforts. Business can mean: human resources, facilities and real estate, project design and management, product development, consulting/ advising, investment, market management, global wealth and more. All require an awareness of opportunity, an understanding of how decisions are made and their impact, whole systems and analytical thinking, precision and strong communications skills.

Students can choose from seven majors in the college, all which build on a strong liberal arts foundation. At the same time, students complete core courses in their major with an emphasis on economics and public policy, human development, nutrition and health, or design and technology. They also have the flexibility to take business classes from across the university.

The Sloan Program in Health Administration which is housed in the Department of Policy Analysis and Management (PAM) offers a Master of Health Administration (MHA), a dual degree MHA/MBA with Johnson at Cornell, an accelerated 5-year BA/BS + MHA, and access to extraordinary Cornell programs such as hotel management, labor relations and law. The Sloan Program prepares professionals for leadership positions throughout the health care industry.

For more details on Human Ecology career opportunities in business, visit the Career Exploration Center and site to pick up a fact sheet of detailed information, to review our related library offerings to support your exploration and search, and to understand the variety of interviewing techniques that can help you be competitive and successful.