Urshila Sriram


Urshila Sriram

Doctoral Student
Savage 417
Email: us54@cornell.edu
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Biographical Statement:

My research interests surround the development of effective community-based programs to reduce health disparities- particularly among children and their families. I am also interested in the influence food and built environments have on people's health and how environmental changes can impact the success of health interventions in underserved communities.  

Current Research Activities:

As part of the Seguin lab, my current research is focused on capacity building and civic engagement approaches for improving eating and physical activity environments in rural areas. I am also involved in a project to develop rural built environment assessment tools for dissemination in communities. 


MSPH Human Nutrition, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, 2013

BSc Biochemisity (Honors), McGill University, 2012


Selected Keywords:

The information on this bio page is taken from the CHE Annual Report.