Kaixiong Ye


Kaixiong Ye

Graduate Student
Division of Nutritional Sciences
Email: ky279@cornell.edu
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Biographical Statement:
My general interest is nutrtional genomics and metabolomics. Currently I am working on developing methods for metabolic profiling using GC x GC - qMS (two dimensional gas chromatography coupled with quadrupole mass spectrometry). We are using yeast model and investigating the genetic basis of metabolite abundance. One of my long-term interest is to apply these methods for identification of metabolic markers for different physiological conditions. Additionally, I have been working on the evolution of metabolic genes.

My major in Molecular Nutrition, and the two minors are Genomics and Applied Statistics.

2010-present Graduate student in Nutritional Sciences, majoring at molecular nutrition
2009-2010 Bioinformatician in Beijing Genomics Institute at Shenzhen
2008-2009 Research assistant in Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
2004-2008 Bachelor's degree in Biology, Wuhan University

Selected Keywords:
Nutrtional genomics; Metabolomics; Evolution; Quantitative genomics.

The information on this bio page is taken from the CHE Annual Report.