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Kathleen Rasmussen

The Nancy Schlegel Meinig Professor of Maternal and Child Nutrition
111 Savage Hall
Phone: (607) 255-2290 Fax: (607) 255-1033
Email: kmr5@cornell.edu
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Curriculum Vitae
Biographical Statement:

Dr. Kathleen M. Rasmussen is the Nancy Schlegel Meinig Professor of Maternal and Child Nutrition in the Division of Nutritional Sciences and International Professor of Nutritional Science at Cornell University. She received her AB degree from Brown University in molecular biology and both her ScM and ScD degrees from Harvard University in nutrition. Professor Rasmussen is internationally known for her research on maternal and child nutrition. Her research has included studies in experimental species, observational and intervention studies in human subjects in the US and several developing countries, and epidemiologic studies based on data from medical records and large cohorts. She and her students have established that interventions to improve maternal nutritional status can increase the volume and improve the composition of human milk and, thereby, improve infant nutritional status. They have also shown that women who are overweight or obese at conception have problems establishing and maintaining breastfeeding and have babies who are heavier at one year of age than those of normal-weight women. In addition, they have shown that there is a trade-off between meeting the needs of the pregnant or lactating mother and the needs of her fetus/breastfed infant, respectively.  Professor Rasmussen has been a member of several expert committees at the Institute of Medicine. She served as the chair of the Committee on Reexamination of IOM Pregnancy Weight Guidelines, and has recently served as the Chair of the Committee to Review WIC Food Packages. Her research was recognized by the Agnes Higgins Award of the American Public Health Association in 2012 and the Macy-Gyorgy Award of the International Society for Research on Human Milk and Lactation in 2016.

Professor Rasmussen has served as program director for two NIH-sponsored training grants in maternal and child nutrition. She teaches a nationally recognized course in maternal and child nutrition for graduate students that supports these training grants. She also teaches a unique course on public health nutrition for undergraduate students. In 2006, she was the first recipient of the Excellence in Nutrition Education Award from the American Society for Nutrition.  Continuing her long interest in mentoring the future leaders in nutrition, Dr. Rasmussen serves as the principal faculty member at the Dannon Nutrition Leadership Institute, which she helped to develop in 1998. She received the Dannon Institute Mentorship Award from the American Society for Nutrition in 2009.

Teaching and Advising Statement:

Professor Rasmussen teaches a graduate course on maternal and child nutrition (NS6140)  in the fall semester and an undergraduate course on public health nutrition (NS4500) in the spring semester.  She advises graduate students in Nutrition and undergraduate students in the Nutrition and Human Biology, Health and Society major; she also advises undergraduates in research.

Current Professional Activities:
  • Cornell University Graduate Field Memberships: Nutrition, Epidemiology
  • Program Director, "Training in Maternal and Child Nutrition", NIH/NICHD
  • Principal Faculty Member, Dannon Nutrition Leadership Institute
  • Chair, Committee on the Review of WIC Food Packages, Food and Nutrition Board, National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine

Current Research Activities:

Broadly, we are studying the relationship between maternal nutritional status during the reproductive period and short- and long-term maternal and child health outcomes.  In the US and elsewhere, we have been studying the association between maternal obesity and reduced duration of breastfeeding, why this occurs, and the consequences that it has for both maternal health and infant feeding practices.  We are also investigating how the now-widespread practice of breast milk expression, specifically how it affects maternal health and infant feeding practices. With colleagues in Scandinavia, we are studying the effects of reproduction in general, and lactation in particular, on long-term maternal health.


Current Public Engagement Activities:

Chair, Committee on the Review of WIC Food Packages, Food and Nutrition Board, National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine, August 2014 - March 2017.

  • NIH Postdoctoral trainee, Cornell University, Nutrition
  • Sc.D.,  Harvard University, Nutrition
  • Sc.M., Harvard University, Nutrition
  • A.B., Brown University, Molecular Biology

Courses Taught:

NS 4500 Public Health Nutrition 

NS 6140 Topics in Maternal and Child Nutrition

Selected Publications:

Peer-Reviewed Publications:


Saha KK, Hamadani JD, Tofail F, Rasmussen KM, Vahter M. Pre- and postnatal arsenic exposure and child growth to age 2 years: a cohort study in rural Bangladesh.  Environ. Health Perspect.  2012;120:1208-1214.


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Expert Committee Reports:


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Book Chapters:


Rasmussen KM.  Public health polices related to obesity in childbearing women.  In: Gillman MD, Poston L, eds.  Maternal Obesity.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012, pp. 237-242 (Chapter 19).  




Selected Keywords:
nutrition, breastfeeding, lactation, pregnancy, infancy

The information on this bio page is taken from the CHE Annual Report.