Kristin Aldred Cheek


Kristin Aldred Cheek

PhD Candidate
Design and Environmental Analysis
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Biographical Statement:

Kristin is a fourth year PhD candidate in Design and Environmental Analysis studying human behavior and design. She investigates how the physical environment can make it easier (or more difficult) for people to carry out healthy and sustainable behaviors. She is particularly interested in post-purchase resource use, or what happens once products are in our hands (resource recovery, use-phase consumption, and the use of technology for behavior change). She enjoys creating human-centered and evidence-based solutions to complex problems using knowledge of behavior, business strategy, design, and environmental & human health. Kristin has extensive training in research design and mixed-methods research. She received a BA in Psychology from Wesleyan University and an MS in Forest Social Science from Oregon State University, where she focused on public participation in natural resource management and the economic impacts of natural resource use. Her background also includes consulting and start-up experience. 

Teaching and Advising Statement:



  • Introduction to Environmental Psychology (DEA 1500)


Teaching Assistant

  • Making a Difference Through Design (DEA 1110)
  • Introduction to Environmental Psychology (DEA 1500)
  • Research Methods in the Social Sciences (DEA 6560)
  • Healthy Places (DEA 2700)



Selected Publications:

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Books and Book Chapters

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Selected Keywords:
design thinking, systems thinking, design strategy, consumer behavior, habit, environmental psychology, behavior change, technology, internet of things, corporate social responsibility, business strategy, environmental sustainability, behavioral economics, communications, project management, writing, experiment, interviewing, focus groups, behavioral event modeling, personas, expert sources, mixed methods research, qualitative methods, observation, surveys, behavioral mapping, scenario planning

The information on this bio page is taken from the CHE Annual Report.