Crystal Davenport


Crystal Davenport

Graduate Student
210 Savage/Kinzelberg
Division of Nutritional Sciences
Phone: 864-415-3831 (cell)
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Curriculum Vitae
Biographical Statement:

Cornell University: 

             At Cornell I am pursuing a masters in Molecular Nutrition with minors in genomics and animal nutrition to expand upon my experiences in animal nutrition while at Clemson. I currently work under Dr. Marie Caudill investigating the effects of choline consumption in lactating women on choline, DHA and free amino acid supply for breastmilk. This research is a directly translatable project that will contribute to the formulation of dietary recommendations for lactating women in the United States.


Clemson University:

           I worked at Clemson University under Dr. Denzil Maurice in the area of poultry research as an undergraduate. While at Clemson I investigated environmental effects on the synthesis and recycling of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) metabolism in SCWLs (single comb white leghorns; principal egg laying breed) and broilers (meat chickens). My senior thesis project investigated the effect of hypothyroidism, (a common result of heat stress in the Southeastern United States), on ascorbic acid metabolism and subsquent performance.

           While at Clemson I also worked on other studies headed by Dr. Maurice. These studies included: Effect of chondroiton sulfate supplementation on chemical induced arthritis; Efficacy of Noni fruit extract for boosting immune response in poultry; and nanophosphorus as a replacement for standard phosphorus in chicken rations. Several of our studies were performed under contract or with financial and logistical support from poultry and nutrition companies external to Clemson.


Additional research experiences at Clemson university include:


-Equine reproduction (Dr. Chris Mortensen)


-Ruminant nutrition (Dr. Tom Jenkins)


-Animal behavior (Dr. Peter Skewes)


-Employment at Clemson Charles Lee Morgan Poultry Research Center (4 yrs)


Current Research Activities:
  • RT-PCR/QPCR cDNA analysis
  • LC-MS/MS metabolite measurement
  • RNA microarrays
  • Metabolomics


Clemson University - Graduated 2010
Animal Sciences B.S.

Cornell University - Graduating August 2013
Pursuing MS in Molecular Nutrition
Advisor: Marie Caudill
Minor - Animal Nutrition (Mike van Amberg advising)
Minor - Genomics ( Eric Richards advising)

Field Appointed & Training Grant Co-mentor: Thomas Brenna

Fellowships/Grants Received:

Translational Science NIH Training Grant (Spring 2012-August 2013)

DNS Small Grants (Spring 2012) 

ENC Fellowship (Spring 2012) - invited to submit full proposal

Balchem Proposal (Summer 2012)

 HEAA Student Small Grants (Fall 2011)

Presidential Life Sciences Fellowship (2010-2011 funding year only)


Grants Applied For:

ENC Research Grants (Winter 2013)


Courses Taught:

Teaching Assistantship Duties

  • Teaching Assistant for NS 1150 "Nutrition, Health and Society" Fall 2011
  • Teaching Assistant for NS 3410 "Anatomy and Physiology" Spring 2011


Center for Teaching Excellence Certificates Completed

Understanding Undergraduate Learners (completed Spring 2012)

Enhancing Teaching with Technology (completed Fall 2012)

Assessing Learning (completed Fall 2012)

Teaching Research Skills (completed Fall 2012) 



Administrative Responsibilities:

NGSO Co-President (Fall/Spring 2013)

NGSO Secretary (Fall 2010)

Selected Publications:

Book Chapters

Davenport C, Caudill MA. Choline in human milk. In: Dietary and Nutritional Aspects of Human Breast Milk. Wageningen Academic Publishers. In press.

Selected Keywords:
Choline, human  nutrition, animal science, animal nutrition, Marie Caudill,Molecular Nutrition, 2013, folate, poultry, nanophosphorus 

The information on this bio page is taken from the CHE Annual Report.