April Sutton


April Sutton

Frank H.T. Rhodes Postdoctoral Fellow
Email: april.sutton@cornell.edu
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Biographical Statement:

April Sutton is a Frank H.T. Rhodes Postdoctoral Fellow at the Cornell Population Center. Broadly, her research areas of interest are education, social stratification and mobility, and life course transitions. The underlying objective of her work across these core areas is to investigate the circumstances under which schools and communities widen or narrow educational and labor force inequalities. She focuses on racial/ethnic, gender, and spatial dimensions of inequality during critical life transitions from adolescence through early adulthood.


B.S. Sociology and American Studies, Vanderbilt University, 2006, summa cum laude
PhD Sociology, University of Texas-Austin, 2015

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Selected Publications:

Sutton, April, Amanda Bosky, and Chandra Muller. Forthcoming. "Manufacturing Gender Inequality in the New Economy: High School Training for Work in Blue-Collar Communities." American Sociological Review.

Sutton, April, Chandra Muller, and Amy Langenkamp. 2013. "High School Transfer Students and the Transition to College: Timing and the Structure of the School Year." Sociology of Education 86(1):63-82.

Glass, Jennifer, April Sutton, and Scott Fitzgerald. 2015. "Leaving the Faith: How Religious Switching Changes Pathways to Adulthood Among Conservative Protestant Youth." Social Currents 1:1-18.

Shifrer, Dara, and April Sutton. 2014. "Region-Urbanicity Differences in Locus of Control: Social Disadvantage, Structure, or Cultural Exceptionalism?" Sociological Inquiry 84(4):570-600.

Selected Keywords:
education, inequality, gender, stratification, spatial inequalities

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