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Biographical Statement:

 Dr. Kelles earned a dual bachelor in Biology and Environmental studies in 1997 from Binghamton University. After completing her degrees, she spent four years in Ecuador promoting sound nutritional and environmental practices, working as a high school biology teacher, guide in the Amazon, and designing a study abroad program for the Yachana foundation. In 2008, Dr. Kelles earned a PhD in Nutritional Epidemiology from The University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill exploring the link between urbanization/globalization and health-related behavior patterns in Cebu, Philippines.

Dr. Kelles spent a year following her PhD teaching Sports Nutrition at Ithaca College before taking the position as the Director of the School of Applied Clinical Nutrition at New York Chiropractic College. As director, Dr. Kelles developed the curriculum, assembled a faculty team, and launched an online graduate program focused on whole foods therapeutic nutrition. In line with her commitment to maintain a diverse, competitive, and highly qualified nutrition workforce Dr. Kelles managed the development of the Center for Nutrition Advocacy ( as a consultant (2012-2013). She served as a Director for the Green Resource Hub (2012-2015), a regional nonprofit organization with the mission of supporting businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs to grow their economic, social and environmental bottom lines.

Currently she is the Administration Manager for the Certifying Examination for Nutrition Specialists and Chair of the Examination Development Council for the Board of the Certification for Nutrition Specialists (BCNS). Most recently, In 2015 she became a full lecturer at Cornell University in the Division of Nutritional Sciences and was elected to the Tompkins County Legislature where she is currently completing her first term in office. She serves on the Health and Human Services committee (chair), the Public Safety committee, the special Jail committee (vice chair) and the Workforce Diversity and Inclusion committee (vice chair). 

Through an Engaged Cornell fellowship she is designing a service-learning oriented course, Feeding for the Future, to explore the ecological model impacting the progression from hunger through cognitive development, and academic and professional achievements and ultimately generational tracking of poverty.

Teaching and Advising Statement:

The greatest learning both personally and academically happens when we step out of the realm of the known and have the resolve to stay in the discomfort of the unknown long enough to expand our beliefs and perspectives.  I strive to do this for myself in both the type of material I present as well as how I present the material.  I am particularly drawn to student-centered learning and engaged service-learning where educators lead with guided focused inquiry nested in the context of community engagement so concepts that are self-obtained are immediately applied and tested. Although it is a scary unknown sometimes for both educator and students it is courageous and ultimately deeply rewarding.

Current Professional Activities:

I serve on the Tompkins County legislature as the chair of the Health and Human Services committee, vice-chair of the Special Jail committee, vice-chair of the Workforce Diversity and Inclusion committee, and member of the Public Safety committee.

I serve as the Examination Administration Manager and Chair of the Examination Development Council for the Board for the Certification of Nutrition Specialists

I am the founder of Kelles Nutrition & Wellness providing one-on-one counseling using comprehensive health histories, nutritional status information with lab assessments, input on personal goals as well as behavior patterns to help clients identify and transform emotions and beliefs and create sustainable healthy behavior change.

Current Public Engagement Activities:
  • Member,Tompkins County Democratic committee
  • Co-chair of the Political Action committee, Tompkins County Progressives
  • Associate member, Tompkins County Environmental Management Council
  • Member, Recreation Partnership
  • Legislative Liaison, Human Rights Commission
  • Legislative Liaison, Downtown Ithaca Alliance


2008    PhD, Nutrition from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Dissertation Title: Identifying the determinants of under and overnutrition in Cebu, Philippines

Relevant class work: Nutritional Biochemistry and Cell Function, Introductory and Advanced Statistical Analysis, Introductory and Advanced Epidemiologic Methods, Introductory and Advanced Nutritional Epidemiology, Obesity Epidemiology, Advanced Nutritional Intervention and Policy, and Elements of Being a Scientist: A Course in NIH Grant Writing

Field work: lead classes and individual instruction in Introductory Epidemiology to field staff of the Cebu Longitudinal Health and Nutrition Survey 


1997    B.A., Biology and Environmental Studies from Binghamton University

Specializations: Tropical Ecology and Biochemistry

Abroad Studies:

- Independent research in nutritional studies and advanced language training in Ecuador (1997)

- Semester abroad in Ecuador, the School of International Studies, Brattleboro, VT (1996)

- Tropical ecology field study in Costa Rica (1995)

Independent Research: Study of Macrobiotics at the Kushi Institute in Beckett, Massachusetts culminating in a thesis paper, “Bridging the gap between eastern and western medicine” (1993)

Courses Taught:

Public Health Nutrition (NS 4500) - Cornell University

Personalized Concepts & Controversies in Nutrition, Health, and Society (NS 1160) - Cornell University

Research in Human Nutrition and Health (NS 3980) - Cornell University

Nutrition and Sport (HLTH 30200) - Ithaca College

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Selected Publications:


Kelles, AR, M Shroff, A Rinehart (2011) Diet-related behavioral mechanisms in times of economic constraint. In: V Preedy (ed.), International Handbook of Behavior, Diet and Nutrition.  New York, NY: Springer Publishing.



Kelles, AR, LS Adair (2008) Offspring consume a more obesogenic diet than mothers in response to changing socioeconomic status and urbanization in Cebu, Philippines. IJBNPA. 6:47-58.

Dore, AR, et al. (2003). Low Income Russian Families Adopt Effective Behavioral Strategies to Maintain Dietary Stability in Times of Economic Crisis. J. Nutr. 133(11): 3469-3475.



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Selected Keywords:
pubic health, urbanization, obesity, public policy, county legislature, government, Health and Human Services

The information on this bio page is taken from the CHE Annual Report.