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Annie Lin

Graduate Student
244 Kinzelberg Hall
Division of Nutritional Sciences
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Biographical Statement:

I am a current graduate student in Dr. Marla Lujan's research group. 

My current projects focus on the health-related behaviors (diet, physical activity) and psychosocial constructs (knowledge, beliefs and self-efficacy) of women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). 

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a leading cause of anovulatory infertility. This disorder is an independent risk factor for poor health outcomes (cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance and endometrial cancer, obesity). Diet and physical activity modifications are often recommended to women with PCOS, but preliminary evidence suggests that women with PCOS do not often adapt these recommendations. This may be attributed to patient dissatisfaction with clinical recommendations. Notably, women with PCOS have expressed these recommendations to be vague and inadequate. 

To develop effective and tailored interventions that address the unique considerations in PCOS, we must understand the current 1) diet and physical activity behaviors and 2) the psychosocial constructs in women with PCOS. 

We hope that findings from this research will contribute to the development of effective behavioral interventions for the PCOS population. 


2010 – 2012: MS Clinical Nutrition, Dietetic InternshipRush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL. 

     Thesis: Malnutrition Assessment in a Hemodialysis Population with the Use of Two Assessment Tools

2006 – 2010: BS Dietetics, Minor in Chemistry; University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

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Selected Publications:

Full Text (Peer Reviewed)

Vanden Brink H, Willis AD, Jarrett BY, Lin AW, Soler S, Best S, Bender EL, Peppin AK, Hoeger KM, Lujan ME. Sonographic markers of ovarian morphology better predict total testosterone compared to clinical markers of androgen excess: impact of obesity. Fertility and Sterility 2016; epub ahead of print. 

Lin, AWLujan ME. Comparison of dietary intake and physical activity between women with and without polycystic ovary syndrome: A review, Adv Nutr. 2014; 5, 486-96.


Lin, AW, Jarrett BY, Lujan ME. The impact of weight loss on quality of life in overweight women with irregular menses, AbstractFASBJ, 2015;29:590.7.

Lin, AW, Keim KS, Sowa D, Roehl, K, Korbet S, Floramo-Korbet S. Development of a nutritional status assessment tool in a hemodialysis population, AbstractJ Ren Nutr. 2012; 22(2):297.

Contributions to Additional Publications 

Copy editor and contributor: Marcus, J. Culinary Nutrition: The Science and Practice of Healthy Cooking. Watham, MA: Elsevier; 2013.   



Selected Keywords:
Dietary pattern and quality, Physical activity, Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), Health promotion

The information on this bio page is taken from the CHE Annual Report.