Human Ecology Alumni Association

Human Ecology Alumni Association (HEAA)

The value of the HEAA is rooted in the relationships alumni form with each other and with the College.  In an environment where alumni support one another and support the priorities of the College, the value of the network increased for all.  Membership in the association is free and automatically granted to all graduates of the College. 


The board is the representative body of the College’s alumni network.  As ambassadors, they represent the interests of all Human Ecology alumni to the College.  The board’s mission is to assist in maintaining the lifelong relationship between the College and its alumni members worldwide.

The Board's goal is to foster a mutually beneficial relationship among the College, its students and its worldwide alumni network by leveraging the rich talents and many resources of the greater alumni community by enhancing awareness of the College and fostering increased attention to the College’s strategic priorities.  The HEAA Board supports students through the HEAA Grants Program.

Applications for board positions may be submitted beginning in March 2015.  Questions? Contact Terri Jackson, Assistant Director, Human Ecology Alumni Affairs & Development or 607-255-2061.
HEAA Board Member Job Description

For more information about our members visit the HEAA LinkedIn group


Reginald White '80
Charlotte, NC
Vice President
Rachel Casanova '95
New York, NY
David Peck '91
Pound Ridge, NY
Adam Rotunda '96
Irvine, CA
Michael Goodman '85
East Hills, NY
Immediate Past President
Mark O'Hern '07, Sloan '08
Pittsburgh, PAMD


Emily Berlinghof ’86
Northfield, OH

Cewin Chao '89
Mill Valley, CA
ob Chodock '89
New York, NY
Torey Cummings '97
Washington, DC
Andrea Meadow Danziger '88
Larchmont, NY
Robert Dicks '99
Warren, NJ
Lisa Drayer MA,RD, ‘96
New York, NY  
Ann Franzen '75
Fairfield, CT

Lori Greene ‘92
West Nyack, NY
Michele Johnson '89
Madison, NJ
Erica Kagan '05
Brooklyn, NY
Emily Lobel Kameros '98
South Orange, NJ
Leslie Kittenbrink’77
Pittsburgh, PA
Robyn Landow ’89
New York, NY

Seth Lehrman '91
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Nan Molofsky '81
New York, NY
Dana Niedzielska ’92
Hartsdale, NY
Yurij Pawluk '01
Brooklyn, NY
Jeanette Perez-Rossello '91
Wellesley, MA
Monica Pham '04
n, D.C.
Marc Rachman '86
New York, NY

Nancy Stuzin '88
Scarsdale, NY
Paul Weisenfeld '92
Jericho, NY
Karen Jamison Wizevich '90
West Hartford, CT
Andrew Wone '01
Fairfax, VA


Emeritus Members:

Deborah G. Adelman '71, MS '74
New York, NY
Ronni S. Chernoff  '67
Little Rock, AR
Rosanna Romanelli Frank '61
Chappaqua, NY
Lucy Jarvis '38
New York, NY
Lucinda Noble '54
Ithaca, NY

HEYA Council Representative:

Rebecca Sperling '09
Brooklyn, NY

Human Ecology Alumni Association Research & Projects Grants:

To fulfill its Mission and to increase student awareness of the alumni network and encourage future participation in the Association, the Human Ecology Alumni Association (HEAA) awards grants annually to qualifying students in the College. The grants are available for student use in furthering the three objectives of the College: research, teaching, and outreach.   The HEAA hopes, with these grants to help further the awardees' academic interests, research, and outreach or career preparation and professional development.

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