Helen Bull Vandervort Alumni Achievement Award

Neysa Etienne

Description and Eligibility:

The Helen Bull Vandervort Alumni Achievement Award, established in 1983, is the highest honor bestowed upon alumni of the College of Human Ecology by the Alumni Association (HEAA). The award is presented to those alumni who have demonstrated those qualities exemplified by the late Helen Bull Vandervort '26 and who have attained outstanding success and distinction in their chosen profession or life's work, and whose accomplishments reflect admirably on, or bring honor to, the College.

Number and Frequency:

One recipient is selected annually. This award may be bestowed at the discretion of the HEAA Awards Committee.

Criteria for Selection:

The Helen Bull Vandervort Alumni Achievement Award is presented to one who has made significant achievements and contributions to their profession and community and is recognized for leadership, innovation, and how their life-work represents the mission and values of the College. The award recipient contributions should demonstrate important creative effort or accomplishment with societal or educational value and has made a lasting impact though outstanding voluntary and philanthropic accomplishments.

  1. Nominee must have attained notable degree of prominence through professional endeavor, research, volunteerism, and involvement within the local or global community or the College.
  2. Special consideration will be given for those who demonstrate significant initiative by starting innovative service projects, research, businesses or other original enterprises.
  3. Received recognition by professional organizations for significant professional contributions, discoveries, or creative work through honors, awards, and/or media attention.
  4. Serves as an outstanding role model for alumni, current and future Human Ecology College students.

Nomination Procedure:

  • All nominations must be submitted on the official nomination form. Completed nomination forms with the required documentation support may be submitted online beginning in November 2017 and are due December 15, 2017. Paper versions of the form can be obtained by contacting Human Ecology Alumni Affairs & Development 607-255-7802.
  • Each nomination may also include the nominee's resume or curriculum vitae and a letter of support from the nominee's constituencies (alumni, faculty, administration, staff or friends of the University) stating the specific reasons for the nomination. Additional information (articles, additional letters of support, etc.) may be included as well.
  • Incomplete nominations will not be considered by the Awards Committee.

Award Presentation Ceremony:

Presentation will be made at the Human Ecology Alumni Association Annual Meeting held at the Alumni Breakfast which takes place during Cornell's Alumni Reunion Weekend in June. It is preferred that the recipient attend this ceremony in person to receive this award. If there are financial issues which would make it difficult for the individual to attend in person, the Awards Committee will refer to the following travel considerations:

Travel Considerations:

The Human Ecology Alumni Association will pay for the award recipient's travel to campus pending available funds. The alumni association will not pay travel expenses for any guests of the award recipient. Fund availability will be made at the discretion of the Human Ecology Alumni Association Board Executive Committee in collaboration with the Awards Committee.



Past Recipients of the Helen Bull Vandervort Alumni Achievement Award:

2016 Rosanna Frank '61
2015 Joan Klein Jacobs '54
2014 Lauri Miller Brotman '86
2013 Margo G. Wootan '86
2012 Eleanor Dillon Petigrow '87
2011 Rebecca Q. Morgan '60
2010 Arden S. Handler '76
2009 Lynn Edelstein Heymont '73
2008 Carol B. Aslanian '63
2007 Lucy H. Jarvis '38
2006 Ronni Chernoff '67
2005 Deborah Gerard Adelman '71, MS '74
2004 Lea Paxton Nixon '53
2003 Carol Winter Mund '52
2002 Nancy Schlegel Meinig '62
2001 Margaret Bailey Redmond '52
2000 Francille M. Firebaugh PhD '62
1999 Martha Rausch Ohaus '47
1998 Grace Richardson MS '62
1997 Carmen Luz de Ramos MS '63
1996 Bernice M. Hopkins '32
1995 Judith Kellner Rushmore '65
1994 Patricia Gunderson Stocker '53
1993 Joan Hartford Ferreira '51
1992 Robert D. Schultz '77, MBA '78
1991 Charlotte Williams Conable '51
1990 Jane Stevens Gore MS '68, PhD '77
1989 Ruby Douglas Walters '72, MS '74
1988 Leah Bissonette Bell '73
1987 Carol Sue Epstein Hai '60
1986 Alice Sanderson Rivoire '41, MS '48
1985 Lucinda A. Noble '54
1984 Ruth Deacon MS '48, PhD '54
1983 Barbara Hai Freed '51