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Internal Transfer

The College of Human Ecology has a long history of accommodating students whose interests have changed since entering Cornell. For students whose interests have developed towards a specific Human Ecology major, we invite apply for Internal Transfer to the College.

Application Process

Prospective Internal Transfers must make an appointment with a Human Ecology admissions counselor to discuss their interests, learn more about the college, and plan for appropriate coursework. Contact the College of Human Ecology Admissions Office at 607-255-5471 to schedule an appointment well in advance of the application deadlines (last day of classes of the semester prior to your target enrollment semester).

An online application is required.

Internal transfer applicants should have: 1) a 3.0 GPA, 2) have taken appropriate liberal arts foundation courses (English, math, core lab science) plus at least one Human Ecology course in your intended major, and 3) provide evidence in the application of a strong, well thought out connection between your interests and your intended major. Certain students who have only partially addressed these requirements may still apply, but might be considered for “Conditional Transfer” status.

If given a “Conditional Transfer semester”, students must meet requirements laid out in their admissions letter, including:

  • Maintaining a 3.0 GPA in an approved schedule of courses
  • Have no grades below a "C", though we expect students to perform at an even higher level in Human Ecology and major related classes
  • Have no unresolved or pending disciplinary action or JA action.
  • Students meeting the stated requirements will be officially entered into the College upon successful completion of their Conditional Transfer semester

Admissions decisions are made after final grades for the current semester have been received. Your decision letter will be mailed to the address noted on your application.

You are also encouraged to make an appointment with The Office of Internal Transfer ( in 222 Computing & Communications Center (CCC). They can provide guidance regarding the application process before you submit your application.