Human Ecology Building

Articulation Agreements

Human Ecology has identified several community college partners whose programs match well with those of the College. The purpose of developing these articulations is:

  1. to help students identify the appropriate preparatory courses to take,
  2. to best prepare students for the rigors of Cornell, and
  3. to position students so that if accepted, they would enter Cornell's College of Human Ecology with junior status.

Although articulation agreements do not guarantee acceptance to the College, students who complete the outlined foundations with a 3.5 grade point average should be highly competitive candidates for admissions. Please note that in addition to a strong and parallel academic record, applicants must also provide a well written application, as well as a strong interest match or professional fit with our college and its mission. We greatly value the practical life experiences of our applicants, and hope that those skills can be conveyed in an application. We would like to see students successfully completing full time course loads in order to display a sufficient academic preparation for Cornell.

Community college students should consult with your transfer advisor regarding admissions preparations and course details.

Corning Community College
Dutchess Community College
Erie Community College
Finger Lakes Community College
Holyoke Community College
Monroe Community College
Onondaga Community College
Raritan Valley Community College
Rockland Community College
Tompkins Cortland Community College