Diversity at the College of Human Ecology

A Vision of Diversity for the College of Human Ecology
We value the sense of community in our college. An important aspect of our community is its diversity, represented by all the myriad ways in which we differ – our intellectual frames, our ethnicity, our genders, our sexual orientations, our ages, our faiths, our cultural and social backgrounds, our learning styles, our talents and our challenges. The richness of our community is, indeed, enhanced by our diversity.

Situated in our increasingly diverse state and nation, our community seeks to understand, value and promote our diversity and inclusion. We strive to address issues stemming from disparities and cultivate a caring environment that supports individual growth to the fullest potential. We further sustain and facilitate our diversity and inclusion through our education, research, outreach and extension.

The College of Human Ecology Dean's Committee on Diversity
The Diversity Committee is composed of student, staff, and faculty representatives from each unit of the college. Under the direct leadership of the Dean, the Committee develops strategies to make diversity and inclusion an integral part of the college’s daily life. The Committee assists the Dean in identifying critical issues related to diversity and inclusion of the college and make recommendations to the Dean to address the issues. The Committee also works diligently to enhance opportunities for interactions among members of our diverse community through planned programs, events, activities, and lecture series.