The College of Human Ecology offers multi-disciplinary undergraduate and graduate academic programs that focus on the interaction of humans with their biological, economic, social, and physical environments. The names of the programs reflect the diversity of issues addressed by the college programs. These include Design + Environmental Analysis, Human Biology Health and Society, Human Development, Nutritional Sciences, Policy Analysis and Management and Fiber Science & Apparel Design.

All programs combine theory with application to foster creative problem solving skills. The link between theory and application is supported by the content of the programs and by a number of off-campus study programs that a large portion of students in our college participate in. The research accomplishments of the faculty profoundly influence the delivery of all academic programs. Students are provided with unique opportunities to engage in research with faculty to create new knowledge and discovery. The use of research to influence public policy is a theme that permeates all programs and links the scholarly activities of the college to local, state, federal and international policy institutions.

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