Each of our five departments and divisions offers both undergraduate and graduate programs of study. Every department consists of faculty from multiple disciplines blending theory and application to address contemporary issues facing individuals, families, and communities.

Design and Environmental Analysis combines expertise in interior and product design, architecture and planning, environmental and social psychology, human factors and ergonomics, to create a unique learning and research environment at the forefront of design, facility planning and management, environmental psychology, and human factors/ergonomics.

Division of Nutritional Sciences is among the largest academic units in the United States devoted to human nutrition. It combines expertise in molecular biology, genetics, and metabolism, physiology, community nutrition, international nutrition, and food policy.

Fiber Science & Apparel Design draws from chemistry, biology, materials science, art, design, and the social sciences to provide a varied and exciting educational experience and a renowned research program. The department boasts an award-winning undergraduate apparel design program and a costume collection of over 8,000 items.

Human Development examines behavioral and psychological development from conception through later life with a focus on the processes and mechanisms underlying developmental change and the ecological and biological contexts in which development takes place.

Policy Analysis and Management examines public and private sector policies in the areas of family and social welfare, health, and consumer welfare. The Department also houses the Sloan Program in Health Administration, a master of health administration program that prepares future leaders in both the public and private parts of the health sector.

In addition to departmental programs, we also offer the Biology and Society interdepartmental major in association with the College of Arts and Sciences and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Undergraduates in this program investigate the complex relationships of biology, philosophy, ethics, health, human development and policy.