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The Department of Policy Analysis and Management serves as an intellectual focal point at Cornell University for the empirical examination of public policy problems and solutions. The department is home to world-renowned faculty with expertise in the areas of health, social welfare, education, demography, immigration, crime, insurance, and risk. PAM faculty employ theoretical models, rigorous analytic tools, and empirical data to evaluate the impact and outcomes of public policies on individuals, families, and communities. Explore the research programs and publications of PAM faculty.  

The PAM department houses several centers and institutes that foster and support the research, educational, and public service mission of the department by focusing intellectual activity in the substantive areas of the department's strengths and by supporting students, faculty, and staff in those areas. 

PAM offers three degree programs: Bachelor’s of Science in Policy Analysis and Management; Masters in Health Administration; PhD in Policy Analysis and Management

Explore the department's research, teaching, and outreach programs.