Majors & Areas of Concentration:

Broad interests are indicated by choice of major in HD, Developmental Psychology or in Human Development and Family Studies. Developmental Psychology is the study of changes that occur in human beings over the course of their life span, from conception to the end of life. This major includes a broad range of sub-areas, including cognitive development, developmental neuroscience, and social, personality, and emotional development.

The major in Human Development and Family Studies focuses on the understanding of the dynamic interrelations among individual and ecological/ environmental factors as they relate to individual development and adjustment. The ecological factors include family, neighborhood, community, institutions, and social organization and norms. Each major contains areas of concentration in which students acquire more specialized expertise


We train researchers and prepare students for research and teaching careers in academic life, work in government agencies, and careers as researchers on projects carried out in a variety of public and private sectors.  (Please note that we do not offer training in counseling psychology, marriage counseling or family therapy.)
Our program offers training in six broad categories: